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New Piano Course – For the Love of Mozart!

Have you ever wanted to play Mozart’s piano music but didn’t know where to start?

For the Love of Mozart is an online piano course for the beginner to intermediate player in which I will teach you how to play five specially selected piano pieces by Mozart through video lessons and downloadable resources.

You start by printing out my free book which is cunningly also called For the Love of Mozart. You can download this now from the link on the right whether or not you decide to purchase the course. Consider it my free gift to you to get you on your way!
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Yamaha YDP-142: a Review of the Yamaha YDP 142 Digital Piano

A few weeks ago I was in the market for new teaching piano and I looked around quite a few different music shops and either things were out of my price range – I didn’t want to pay huge amounts of money – or they didn’t sound or feel particularly good. Then I came across the Yamaha YDP-142. Now, I’ve been a big fan of Yamaha digital pianos for years; the last Yamaha piano I had lasted me for 16 years and it was utterly fantastic!

So when it came to replacing it after it finally died I did a bit of research and came across the YDP-142. It sounds and feels like a real piano which you might expect from a digital piano but, as a piano teacher, I teach many people who have digital pianos and some of them don’t feel particularly good. They just don’t have the different levels of graduation of sound that you get with something more expensive. Anyway, see the video below for the full review. Your comments are, as always, appreciated…
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7 Ways to be a Better Musician

How to be a better musician? This is the question we are asking ourselves daily if we are truly passionate about our art. I have been working (with varying degrees of success) on my own musicianship for over forty years and what follows is a roundup of some of the things that I have learned. You may have others that you think are equally important (please post them!) but, well, we have to start somewhere.

1. Confidence
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How do we become confident musicians? This was a question I asked myself for most of the 80s. I was generally a mind-numbingly shy person anyway and music wasn’t really the ‘release’ for me that we read about sometimes. “Oh yes, Johnny is painfully shy but when he picks up his instrument something transforms him in to a masterful blond Norse-god.” That wasn’t me. Like most of us, my neuroses were transmitted directly from my brain to my hands.

I was working as a professional musician and was fighting my lack of confidence with excessive bravado but every time I made a mistake on stage, no matter how small, my confidence would fall away and expose the gibbering wreck that I was.
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A Note Reading Overview

Learning to read music notation can be a daunting task. In order to help, I have produced three videos dealing with reading music which I am delighted to offer you for free.

The first is all about learning the notes of the treble clef and can be found here. The second takes a look at the bass clef and can be found here.

The third gives you an overview of how the notes of the two clefs relate to each other.
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