Learn Keyboard

Although the piano and keyboard have some similarities, there are major differences in the way they are played. While the role of the right hand is the same on both piano and keyboard, the left hand is something else entirely.

ID-100172002Because of this, the keyboard is usually considered the easier instrument since the left hand doesn’t need to be so dexterous.

Carl’s keyboard lessons are based around popular music and can be tailored to your own musical interests. Examinations can be undertaken but are by no means essential – the focus is purposeful fun and students are encouraged to be creative with the music!

30 minutes beginner to intermediate £15
2 x 30 minutes beginner to intermediate for 2 siblings £25
45 minutes beginner to intermediate £20
60 minutes advanced £25
half-termly block booking all 5% discount

If you are lucky enough to live in the North Manchester (uk) area then you or your children can benefit from in-person lessons at Carl’s studio. However, as long as you have Skype, you can take lessons from anywhere in the world!

For more information please contact Carl.

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