Learn Piano

me at piano thinHave you been thinking about you or your children taking piano lessons? Well, now is the time to act!

Learning the piano has many benefits. For the young person, recent research has shown that children who learn the piano do far better scholastically than their fellow students. Not only are their artistic and musical skills above the norm, but also their language and mathematics skills are also improved.

For the adult it sharpens the mind and body. The gift of music is therapeutic and fulfilling in itself and there are many careers that require piano skills.

Carl offers piano lessons to all ability levels in classical, jazz or pop styles and progression is usually through a series of graded examinations with world-recognised providers such as the ABRSM or London College of Music.

30 minutes beginner to grade 3 £15
45 minutes beginner to grade 6 plus theory £20
60 minutes grades 7 & 8 plus theory £25

If you are lucky enough to live in the North Manchester (uk) area then you or your children can benefit from in-person lessons at Carl’s studio. However, as long as you have Skype, you can take lessons from anywhere in the world!

I have found Carl to be invaluable in my desire to learn the piano. He has encouraged me to improve in leaps and bounds since we first met. I find Carl to be approachable, friendly and very effective and he is quickly able to see what you are stumbling on and zone in on that with some exercises specific to that challenge. He has been ever so insightful with regards to my musical tastes and on other learning aids that I would benefit from. He has even looked over some of my own compositions which is great to have a trained ear review your efforts.

I would recommend Carl to anybody who had an interest in learning Piano. – Adam Sackfield, Radcliffe

For more information please contact Carl.

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